Tax consulting

Planning and tax records

The accomplishment of the fiscal planning activity supposes the elaboration of the management program of the fiscal taxation system within the budgetary forecast of the company.


Fiscal records and forecasts consist of a complex of measures designed to ensure:

  • organization of fiscal records;
  • restructuring of tax debts;
  • refund of the amounts of taxes paid in addition and those due by the state according to the legislation;
  • obtaining individual fiscal facilities;


Optimization of fiscal taxation

elaboration of the complex of measures, oriented to the minimization of the taxes paid by the company by:

  • fiscal records policy instruments;
  • fiscal facilities;
  • different tax regimes;
  • different forms of civil law relations;
  • various topics of entrepreneurial law;


Fiscal audit
  • Checking the correctness of the tax calculation;
  • Preparation for fiscal control;
  • Assistance during fiscal controls;
  • Contesting the results of the control.
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