Financial and economic analysis

Analysis of the economic situation

Objective – analysis of the economic and financial situation in terms of the correctness of the reflection of economic operations in accounting and financial statements:

  • analysis of financial – economic activity;
  • the analysis of the correctness of the reflection of the economic operations in the accounting records;
  • analysis of compliance of the ways of keeping the statutory accounting rules;


Organizing the process and carrying out the inventory

Organizing the process of carrying out the inventory of the company’s patrimony. Assistance in carrying out the process, documenting the results. Assistance in identifying non-usable assets, old uncollected receivables and proposing measures to prevent or limit damages, in order to increase efficiency and strengthen the discipline of settlements.


Organizing the document circulation system

The objective – ensuring the completeness and integrity of the documents of all business processes, minimizing costs for the circulation of documents, reducing the number of documents used and raising their quality. Organizing the circulation of documents means:

  • elaboration of the forms of primary and reporting documents, different from the standardized ones;
  • structuring the logistics of document circulation within the company and with its clients;
  • elaboration of instructive regulations and requirements for completing documents;
  • determining the mechanisms for accepting documents for evidence;
  • elaboration of the regulations for processing the documents and the order of keeping them;
  • training the staff on how to prepare the primary documents and their circuit within the company;


Development of draft internal guidelines
  • elaboration of accounting policies;
  • elaboration of procedures and internal norms regarding the development of the basic activity and of the related activities;
  • analysis and organization of information flow (communication between departments, subdivisions).
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